TikTok entrusts its US data storage to Oracle

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TikTok recently reported that it was moving U.S. user data to Oracle servers in the United States. 

« TikTok chose Oracle’s new Generation 2 cloud interface because it is much faster, more reliable, and more secure than the first-generation technology currently offered by all other major cloud providers, » said Larry Ellison, chief technology officer at Oracle. 

« In IDC’s recently released 2020 Industry CloudPath survey, where it polled 935 customers on their satisfaction with the leading IaaS providers, including Oracle, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, IBM, and Google Cloud….. Oracle IaaS received the highest satisfaction score. »

But a BuzzFeedNews article published the same day reignited distrust of the social network, claiming that TikTok staff in China had access to its U.S. users’ data as late as last January.

But the Chinese company isn’t new to drama in the U.S. In 2020, President Donald J. Trump had already ordered ByteDance to sell TikTok, fearing that it would expose the personal information of Americans to Beijing. While the White House reportedly reached a deal to sell part of the app to Oracle and others, it never materialized. 

Tiktok is trying to put on a brave face and has declared: « As we have stated publicly, we have engaged world-class internal and external security experts to help us strengthen our data security efforts, »  said a spokesman for TikTok in a statement. 

The company added that it created a unit in May, led from the U.S., to « provide a greater level of focus and governance » over the protection of Americans’ data.

However, the Biden administration remains wary and continues to examine TikTok and other opportunities for Chinese companies to monitor U.S. data.


By Mélissa Walehiane

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