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The Data Cloud Alliance, or how to make data management accessible to all

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On the occasion of its Data Cloud Summit, Google has announced a new initiative: the Data Cloud Alliance. Accenture, Confluent, Databricks, Dataiku, Deloitte, Elastic, Fivetran, MongoDB, Neo4j, Redis and Starburst are part of the initiative.

Reducing the complexity of data governance

Given that data is today the cornerstone of digital transformation, the primary objective of this group will be to solve, together, the modern challenges related to digital transformation by committing to make data management more accessible. All members of the alliance will therefore work on reducing the complexity of data governance.

Google Cloud’s ambition is also to improve the daily life of companies through the use of data and cloud computing.

In concrete terms, this reduction in the complexity of data governance will be made possible by better interoperability and by common standards allowing access to data between different services.

Portability between services

The aim is therefore to make “data more portable and accessible across disparate systems, platforms and business environments, with the goal of ensuring that access to data is never a barrier to digital transformation” (Usine Digitale, 2022).

Through the provision of APIs and integration support, the portability and accessibility of data between different platforms, whether used on a site, a private or public cloud (or a mixture of both) will be enabled. This will also require the establishment of “common industry data models, open standards, processes, products and integrated end-to-end solutions” (Usine Digitale, 2022).

However, no timetable has been given in this respect. It remains to be seen what this alliance will actually put in place.


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