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Global Privacy Assembly : the CNILs have spoken

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The CNILs from around the world met from 18 to 21 October at their 43rd annual conference to agree on joint resolutions aimed at establishing a common basis for online data protection.The French CNIL actively participates in this work, which brings together more than 80 countries to discuss issues of shared interest related to the protection of privacy.

This year, five main resolutions emerged from the Assembly, two of which were initiated by the CNIL.

Monitoring government access to data held by the private sector

Co-written by the CNIL, the Authority of Canada (OPC) and the Authority of Japan (PPC), this resolution is the first international text laying down principles for the respect of privacy in the event of a government accessing personal data for national or public security reasons.

It thereby establishes the conditions to ensure that any legitimate access by public authorities to national security or public safety data does not conflict with data protection principles.

The need to protect children’s digital rights

Alongside the Italian authority (the Garante), the CNIL also participated in the drafting of a resolution on the protection of children’s digital rights. It recalls the vulnerable nature of this population and therefore the importance of developing policies dedicated to its protection.  It also emphasises the education and awareness-raising that should be developed by States.

Promoting data sharing for the common good 

Work on data sharing has been initiated as part of the support to the Covid crisis. A working group has now been set up to identify the best possible approach for reconciling data sharing between countries and taking into account the opinion of civil society. The first results will be known before the end of 2022.

Allowing to visualise the cookies and other trackers deposited from third party domains when browsing a website, the tool “Cookieviz 2.0” earned the CNIL an “innovation” prize in the GPA (Global Privacy Assembly) Awards.

These principles are therefore part of the desire to internationalise regulation in terms of online data protection. It remains to be seen how this impetus will materialise in the months to come.


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