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Until approximately a month ago, customers searching for a new laptop on the Dell website could sign in using their Facebook credentials to avoid having to create a new login and password. 

That option is now gone, and Dell isn’t alone. Other well-known companies including Best Buy, Ford, Nike, and Patagonia have also stopped allowing Facebook logins. 

A few years ago, the Facebook ID was prominently displayed across the Internet, frequently next to links for connecting with Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other services. 

Jen Felch, Dell’s chief digital and information officer, said people have stopped using social handles, for reasons that include concerns about security, privacy and data sharing.

No matter if it’s on Instagram, Facebook, or another platform, « one thing we’re seeing throughout the industry is that there are more and more security issues or account takeovers, and I just think we’re seeing people make the decision to separate their identification with social networks. »

Over the past year, the company’s business has been hurt by Apple’s changes to the iOS privacy system.

The company’s third-quarter revenue is predicted to fall for the second time in a row. 

The removal of this link is the latest sign that, after more than a decade of explosive expansion, Facebook’s power over the Internet is dwindling. 

According to Stephanie Liu, a marketing analyst at Forrester, Facebook’s appeal has changed in part due to its own behavior. The company restricted the amount of user data it could share with partners in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica incident. 

However, late last year, Facebook changed its name to Meta to move the social media company toward a futuristic metaverse, where people work, play and learn in a virtual world. 

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