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Cruise recalls its software on 80 of its vehicles after crash

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Autonomous driving company Cruise and U.S. regulators said last week that the General Motors subsidiary had recalled software deployed on 80 vehicles after two people were injured in a June crash in San Francisco.

Federal regulators said the recalled software could « incorrectly predict » the path of an oncoming vehicle. Cruise said the unusual scenario would not happen again after the update.

The incident occurred a day after the state of California granted Cruise a permit to launch a commercial driverless ride-sharing service in the state.

The vehicle was attempting to make a left turn onto a two-lane street and was struck by a car traveling in the opposite direction at high speed.

According to the report Cruise submitted to the California Department of Motor Vehicles in June, one of the people in the speeding vehicle and a Cruise employee who was in the autonomous vehicle were injured.

Cruise revealed Thursday that after the June 3 crash in San Francisco, the company temporarily prevented its vehicles from making unprotected left turns and reduced the area in which its vehicles could operate.

Those turns were then phased in after an update on July 6.

Cruise stressed that all vehicles have software updates and that the recall does not impact or change their current operations on the road.
The June crash was the only such incident out of more than 123,560 unprotected left turns by a driver before the software update, according to Cruise. The report also states that law enforcement found that the « most responsible party » in the crash was the other vehicle, according to filings.

In addition, General Motors CEO Mary Barra spoke publicly about Cruise’s progress and her confidence in the autonomous driving technology, which has been making driverless trips since last fall:

« I’m really impressed and pleased with the progress Cruise has made under (CEO) Kyle Vogt since the technology was ready. »

This incident reflects Tesla’s recent setbacks. Indeed, the agency in charge of motor vehicles in California (DMV) accused the automaker in early August of lying to consumers about its autonomous driving technologies, and filed complaints with a state administrative court.


By Mélissa Walehiane

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