About the postponement of the disappearance of cookies and other trackers

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In 2020, Google planned the removal of third-party cookies in its browser for 2022. In June 2021, the web giant went back on its position and planned the removal of these trackers in 2023.

Last week, Google has announced a new delay with the disappearance of third-party cookies now planned for 2024.

After this new announcement, which affects the whole Madtech industry, we can legitimately ask ourselves if Google will simply abandon this initiative.

From a strategic point of view, it now seems obvious that Chrome’s ban on the use of third-party cookies would have a major impact on the survival of Alphabet, which is already under a lot of pressure, including the threat of dismantling.

We have shared this in various working groups, but we are convinced that maintaining the cookie in a regulated and controlled form remains the best option for those who wish to see a balance between « personal data protection » and « digital activation performance ».

Indeed, the cookie is a graceful, universal vehicle that is subject to extensive investigation. Its role, its criticality and its value are increasingly identified.  Many industry players have invested time and technology in the identification and control of these tracers for several years. 

We have been part of this movement and we invite you to join us. This control of cookies and trackers requires the creation of a « collective intelligence ». 

This also raises the question of the value of « substitute tools » which have weaknesses in terms of coverage and a real functional opacity based on unstabilized economic models. 

If we reason in terms of level of effort, if we consider the carbon impact, the control of the use of « standardized cookies » seems a reasonable way.

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