17-year-old arrested on suspicion of being the hacker behind the GTA VI leak

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A 17-year-old man has been taken into custody as part of an investigation by the UK’s National Cyber Crime Unit. He is suspected of hacking Rockstar Games, which led to a major leak of the video game Grand Theft Auto (GTA) VI.

The suspected hacker may also have been involved in a breach of the ride-sharing service Uber.

Indeed, Uber said there are accusations that the same actor hacked video game developer Rockstar Games.

As reported by The Desk and journalist Matthew Keys, the arrest by UK police of the alleged 17-year-old GTA hacker is part of an investigation by the FBI and the UK Cyber Crime Unit. It was previously reported that the FBI was probably looking into the recent hacks of Uber and Rockstar Games.

Matthew Keys actually tweeted

« @CityPolice confirms arrest of 17 year old for hacking incident; source says crime is related to incursion on Rockstar Games and possibly Uber Technologies. »

The GTA VI leak is easily one of the largest in video game history. Over the weekend, the hacker shared a slew of footage from a test version of the game, which is one of the most anticipated titles in recent years.

90 videos of GTA VI showing the game engine, gameplay and other aspects of an early development version were leaked as a result of the network breach. The leak allowed fans to see how GTA 6 was developed, and also confirmed previous rumors about the game’s environment, the location of Vice City and its first female protagonist.

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